Action Plan

IAALD Executive Committee

Action Plan



Items in Green are completed

Items in Blue are in process

Items in Red have had no action in 2010/2011


  • Establish fully the new IAALD organizational structure (transitional year)

Actions required:

a. Define “Roles and Responsibilities”

b. Designate Committee Chairs

i. Finance

ii. Membership

iii. Nominations/Elections

iv. Communications

v. Congress Liaison

c. Invite Chapter Presidents to participate with E.C. on regular conference calls

d. Invite Partner organizations to assign Liaisons to serve as ex-officio members of the E.C.

e. Revise Constitution to integrate new structure

f. Establish permanent archive for IAALD documents (including blog posts)


  • Review and determine schedule for conferences and congresses

Actions required:

a. Review criteria for hosting World Congresses 

b. Assess Congress/Conference bids

i. Cornell (2013) – World Congress

ii. India(2012) – International Conference

iii. Africa( 2012) - Regional Conference

iv. Other partnership meetings i.e. Namiba/AIAEE 2011


Leverage Social Networking services and IAALD website

Actions required:

a. Create list of services offered and access points

b. Establish Communications Committee

c. Consider options for online forums

d. Consider revenue models

e. Consider membership models

f. Review content of IAALD website



Conduct needs assessment (online survey) and plan professional development activities

Actions required:

a. Create survey tool and send to members

b. Review responses to identify professional development opportunities, interests of members, Congress preferences (also from previous surveys by Africa Chapter and U.K.potential chapter members)

c. Determine possible virtual programming

i. Consider fee structure for non-members

ii. Implement webinars


Develop a plan for strengthening membership

Actions required:

a. Identify and explore appropriate partnerships and collaborations, i.e. with sister organizations such as USAIN, JAALD, etc.

b. Establish member recruitment plan

c. Determine role of Chapters

d. Review institutional memberships


Revise marketing materials

Actions required:

a. Describe IAALD more clearly and broadly

b. Outline advantages of membership

c. Consider a new logo and byline


Review and formalize AIW processes and procedures

Actions required:

a. Create an AIW procedures document

b. Discuss AIW Editorial Board responsibilities

c. Determine new financial model

d. Discuss revenue producing opportunities

e. Determine payment for technical editing

f. Determine number of issues per year to remain solvent

g. Appoint Managing Editor


Review budget and continue to revise back-office processes

Actions required:

a. Develop operational procedures for forming and managing Chapters

b. Assess fund-raising opportunities

c. Establish a Google Docs site (or something like this) for IAALD organizational documents

d. Consider hiring a business service in the future

Finalize elections procedures

Action required:

a. Plan for next election in early 2011


Determine schedule for E.C. monthly conference calls

Action required:

a. Invite Chapter Presidents and others to participate as appropriate

b. Prepare and send out meeting notes on IAALD-L following each call

i. Reformat as a monthly email newsletter (if possible)

ii. Determine if there is an open source template for the newsletter