IAALD seeks to communicate and provide educational opportunities to its members in multiple ways.  IAALD webinars is a series of programs delivered over the internet on topics of interest to the members.  Webinars are presented in English, Spanish or French and are free to IAALD members. IAALD members can also access the webinars at any time from the member’s only section of the website. A small fee is charged to non members. Slides for the webinars are freely available on Slideslide Share 


IAALD Webinars for 2011:

Almost famous: Boost your research profile, collaborate and share using Mendeley

In English and Spanish

Presented by Luz Marina Alvare, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC 

A brief introduction  on uses of  Mendeley,  a research management tool for desktop & web, to organize  research, collaborate with your peers, cite as you write and discover the latest research.

CrowdSpotting: The who, the what, the why, the where, and the when of your web audience!

In English and Spanish

Presented by Chris Addison, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC

As the tools for statistics become more sophisticated we need to move away just from numbers of page views on our website and answer more questions on HOW our content is read by our audience. See WHO visits your website and the reach of the internet audience you have in their country. Measure the Height, Width and Depth of your readers behavior and find out WHAT interests them. See WHERE to put your effort in promoting your content…See exactly WHEN your visitors come and….. WHY.  


Decentralizing online publishing in your organization: Creating websites on the fly using Wordpress and Google

In English

Presented by Peter Shelton, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC, USA

Describes how you can create websites using outside services  and use them for special projects or integrate them into you organizations websites.  Examples of actually pages developed for projects at IFPRI are used as examples.