Connected agriculture: Mobiles help drive efficiency and sustainability in food and agriculture

A new report from Vodacom and Accenture argues that mobile communications can help to meet the challenge of feeding an estimated 9.2 billion people by 2050.

The study identifies 12 specific opportunities that could increase agricultural income by around US$138 billion by 2020. These are:

Improving access to financial services
  • Mobile payment system
  • Micro-insurance system
  • Micro-lending platform
Provision of agricultural information
  • Mobile information platform
  • Farmer helpline
Improving data visibility for supply chain efficiency
  • Smart logistics
  • Traceability and tracking system
  • Mobile management of supplier networks
  • Mobile management of distribution networks
Enhancing access to markets
  • Agricultural trading platform
  • Agricultural tendering platform
  • Agricultural bartering platform

The report aims to stimulate engagement between mobile operators, governments, NGOs and businesses to realise these opportunities and explore others.

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