EC Meeting August 2008, Tokyo, Japan


Executive Committee Meeting

International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD)

Tokyo Agricultural University, Atsugi City, Japan

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Attending: Peter Ballantyne, Stephen Rudgard, Toni Greider, Elizabeth Dodsworth, Takashi Nagatsuka, Barbara Hutchinson

Regrets: Debbie Currie, Nick Maliha, Vielka Chang-Yau, Shuchun Pan, Dorothy Mukhebi, Michael Demes, Elizabeth Goldberg, H.V. Mote

Observers: Justin Chisenga (representing IAALD Africa); Tomaz Bartol (representing Central/Eastern European Chapter); joining later: Roger Mills (representing efforts in the UK)

Welcome and Opening Remarks

The meeting came to order at 4:15 p.m. Peter Ballantyne welcomed the group and thanked Takashi Nagatsuka for the invitation and all of his hard work on the conference as well as the excellent planning and organizing. Conference attendance is over 200 registrants.

E. Dodsworth apologized for lack of board activity during the past year but was happy to be able to be back and once again contribute to the board.

Approval of the Agenda

Toni Greider reminded the EC that the minutes from Executive Committee Meeting held on September 27, 2007 in Rome were circulated to the Executive Committee on February 24, 2008 and approved by the Executive  Committee on April 8, 2008. There was one item added to the agenda, reports from IAALD Africa, Central/Eastern European Chapter, USAIN International Interest Group.

Reports from IAALD Officers (circulated via email 17 August 08)

President: (see separate report)

  • Most of the President’s work has centered on the Congress since the last meeting (visas and hotel arrangements); need to pass on lessons learned for other Congresses. T. Nagatsuka and his group were commended on the work they did in getting attendees visas. S. Rudgard seconded that remark.
  • CIARD will be launching the manifest later in the conference and Peter Ballantyne felt it is an important way to engaged IAALD members; there will be a special meeting on CIARD at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday at the conference.
  • AIBDA- has some problems that need to be worked out before we can proceed with a formal arrangement. AIBDA is still very interest in pursuing a relationship.
  • USAIN has formed an interest group in International Librarianship. The board discussed programming around other conferences. B. Hutchinson and E. Dodsworth will explore doing a fee-based workshop and a conference program at the USAIN Conference at Purdue University.
  • IAALD Africa is planning their next meeting for July 2009, Justin Chisenga is coordinating.
  • Other opportunities; WCCA in Reno Nevada and AIBDA meeting in Peru.
  • Shrinivas (ICRISAT) is interested in organizing a South Asia meeting in 2009
  • Montpelier Congress—good platform to attract other Europeans: P. Ballantyne is working with the French organizers now for 2010. Odile Bedu/INRA will invited attendees to France at the IAALD General Assembly.
  • World African Forum, Nairobi, Ghana

o Need to find ways to strongly support these meetings and make money on them for IAALD.

  • Blog keeps growing and activity keeps growing. Will call out for more bloggers at the conference.
  • Activities after 2010

o Need to have something at least every two years; could do this by having more regional conferences.

o Need to put out call right away to see if there is anyone willing to host one in 2012.

ACTION: Toni Greider will find the call for the conference and send to the EC.


Secretary/Treasurer Report (see separate report)

  • Thanks to FAO (S. Rudgard) and others, income has been growing lately.
  • Administrative costs have been reduced in postage by using email rather than post. Establishing e-voting would save additional money. In order to do that, we would need to have contacts for each institutional member.
  • Accounting expenses will be considerably less this year. An accounting firm (certified public accountant) reviews accounts and does our taxes. The tax forms are freely available on the Web. This gives us a professional look.
  • Income is difficult to chart because of discounts and two year memberships.
  • Deficit shown for 2008 will be negated when reimbursements come in and IAALD will show a slight increase in income.
  • Journal Costs

o Costs for AIW were higher for the first issue because of the setup costs for the first issue.

o Page count is being kept to 60 pages to control costs.

  • Membership:

o The Chinese chapter pays at the end of the year rather than at the first (S. Pan is bringing the dues with her).

o The Africans will probably renew when the next meeting is held (it is hard to get renewals unless there is a meeting).

o We have two student members from developed countries that have paid dues. There are more from developing countries as students get to join for free and can be members of the listserv for 3 years.

o Fewer institutions are subscribing (down from 2005-06)

o Need to consider how to expand membership; should try to get more individuals to join who are part of institutional memberships, but could raise the fees for institutional membership to include more individuals.

o Sponsorship of journals is another source of income. GFAR is interested in providing the content and sponsoring the first issue of the journal next year. Toni Greider will meet with Valeria Pesce to discuss the issue. A sponsorship free of US$5000 would cover most of the costs.

o Suggested putting the budget on a two-year cycle will help us see our income stream. The EC felt that it needed more information

ACTION: Membership: Peter Ballantyne, Elizabeth Dodsworth and Roger Mills will form a sub-group as a follow-up to create strategies for increasing membership. Meeting to take place in the United Kingdom in September and formulate a plan and submit to the EC.

ACTION: Toni Greider to check with the accountant and put forth a full proposal to the EC via email. It was approved in principle but required more information.

AIW Report to be sent later via email.

The Editor is having problems getting enough articles for the journal. The EC felt that we needed to get three issues of the journal out this year.

ACTION: Elizabeth Dodsworth will check on CABI papers from the conference to see if they could be published in the journal. Peter Ballantyne and Barbara Hutchinson will check with speakers at the session on ag research support; others will be approached; Takashi Nagatsuka will check on using some of the papers on the CD.

  • Barbara Hutchinson was appointed as deputy-editor until 2010.
  • Barbara Hutchinson to follow up with Ajit/GFAR about sponsoring the first issue of 2009.

Report on World Congress 2008

Takashi Nagatsuka reported:

  • First time that a joint conference was held in Japan, they worked very closely and cooperated so it turned out to be a good exercise for them and each group brought a different aspect to the conference.
  • Excellent support from JAALD and the Tokyo University of Agriculture.
  • President of Tokyo University of Agriculture will speak at the opening session.
  • Mayor of the Atsugi City will also speak at the opening session.
  • Registration is at 250, but many changes have occurred some because of the weather that kept registrants from coming (typhoon in Hong Kong).
  • Need to have a debriefing at the end so we can document lessons learned; have an hour that can be used for discussion and evaluation and review process.

World Congress 2010

The XIIIth World Congress will be held from April 26-29, 2010 in Montpellier, France hosted by AGROPOLIS; there will be a new election before then with the results announced at the meeting.

General Assembly Meeting

The General Assembly meeting will start at 8:15 a.m., not a 7:30 as originally published. We will have only 45 minutes so we will need to move quickly through the agenda. There is a great deal of IAALD business that needs to be conducted. The most important thing will be voting to allow an email vote to be done to allow e-voting by the membership. In order to be vital, we need to make changes to the Constitution and some of the changes need to be done before the meeting in 2010. E-voting will allow us to conduct some of that business prior to the meeting. We also need to consider shortening the terms of office and other parts of the constitution are dated (last revised in 1990). Discussion will happen at face-t0-face meetings, but then votes will be conducted electronically (if approved by the membership) so all members have a say in the decision.

  • Changes need to be marketed to show how they will help involve more members.
  • Should canvas members now who might be interested in standing for the positions on the Board.
  • Need to revisit election procedures to streamline them (Board need to consider options).
  • Need to have vote by this time next year on the changes to election procedures; this Board will need to know by then if they want to stand again for the Board.
  • FAO will be having another IISAST meeting, maybe along with CIARD meeting possibly in Paris in October or Accra which is July 15th ; May have an IAALD Board meeting then to do final planning for World Congress and election change propositions.

The meeting then moved from the Tokyo Agricultural University to the Loisir Hotel.


Update from the United Kingdom:

Roger Mills has been working on the possibility of a closer relationship with IAALD by other UK agriculturally related groups. Discussions have included joint membership so there could be access to each other’s mailing lists using Agricultural Librarians in College and Universities (ALCU) to help sponsor joint meetings. A meeting will be held in Montpellier in 2010 with the Botanical and Horticultural Gardens Librarians (BHGL). UFRO – The Forestry Association does not have working groups; they are struggling to find out who the members are. There is interest in getting together but no one volunteers to help make things happen. Next steps: need to develop a meeting at Montpellier. Roger Mills will take forward suggestions to have an IAALD-related meeting. He would like to have more opportunities to bring these types of groups together and there is a need to establish formal communication.

Central/Eastern European Chapter Update

Tomaz Bartol reported that all of their chapter activities are related to AGROWEB. The region is a large area with much diversity. They had a meeting in Poland a few months ago and they hope to meet every other year. There are expanding their activities more toward the east and hope to have their next meeting in the Ukraine as no special visas are needed to travel. A chapter web page continues to be published.

IAALD Africa Update

The chapter has been involved in three activities:

  • Relaunched website (
  • Local discussions about using email.
  • Programs:

o E-agriculture symposium in Zambia that had 28 participants and was covered by news services.

o The planning for a conference in Ghana July 10-17, 2009, has high level support. They are currently working on a budget and will finalize in a few weeks. Pre-conference events by CABI, FAO, etc. would bring in more benefits so they are hoping that will happen. Estimating 120 participants. The announcement and call for papers is on the website.

o The meeting after this one will be in Botswana.

There will be an IAALD Africa report given at the General Assembly.

Other Business

Elizabeth Dodsworth expressed an interest in putting the QB archive in CABI full-text. Toni Greider will check the EBSCO contract for conflict. We will need to consider if we want to digitize all of the issues at least back to the 1980’s. In order to do that, we will need to get a page count. We could also put the back issues in AGORA. Hugo Besemer is working on breaking articles up from 1992 forwards and setting them up open access.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Antoinette Paris Greider